My Upcoming Wheelchair Accessible Iceland Itinerary

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Wheelchair Accessible Transportation in Reykjavik

By Iceland is a bucket list destination for many travelers, and for good reason.
This small country offers fantastic glimpses of the northern lights and… Read More An Epic Day Trip: A Wheelchair Accessible Golden Circle Tour in Iceland.
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I had never even heard of the Golden Circle until about a year ago

Before I started planning my trip… Read More

, , , , 6 Things That You MUST DO in Reykjavik, Iceland.
By Being the world’s northernmost capital city, there are so many awesome things to do in Reykjavik.
This past September, after staying at the Blue… Read More Kvosin Downtown Hotel : The Most Quaint & Accessible Place to Stay in Reykjavik.
By Iceland is an older country and with that comes many historical attractions and hotels.
As a wheelchair user, this can be an obstacle at… Read More Hunting the Northern Lights in Iceland on a Wheelchair Accessible Tour.
By When I first started planning my trip to Iceland, there were a few things that I really wanted to do; swim in the Blue… Read More A Wheelchair User’s Guide to Iceland’s Blue Lagoon.
By   A few years ago, I saw some images of the Blue Lagoon online (probably while doing anything to avoid studying or writing research… 48 48 Read More , , , , , My Upcoming Wheelchair Accessible Iceland Itinerary.
By If you have been following along on my Facebook or Twitter pages, then you probably know that I’m heading to Iceland in just a… 9 23 Read More.