National Geographic said Buck Island is


Join our crew for a Full Day of adventure or a Half Day of fun

We offer trips to the National Monument

Buck Island.
You can sail, snorkel, scuba dive, fish, parasail, enjoy a private charter and even a sunset sail on our tour(s); It’s your choice.
Buck Island’s main beauty lies in the surrounding coral reef ecosystem and its unique underwater trail.
You can take a 360 experience, here.

This video was shot by famous National Geographic photographer

Brian Skerry.  Meanwhile, on the west side of the monument, Turtle Beach is also rated by National Geographic as one of The World’s Most Beautiful Beach’s. This is where we take you after your snorkeling tour.
You can sit back and relax on one of The World’s Most Beautiful Beach.

If you haven’t signed up already; Buck Island National Monument is a must-do for all St

Croix visitors.
Whether you snorkel the underwater trail, dive it or just enjoy it’s soft sand beach- It’s a Bucket List check you don’t want to miss.

Sign up any day of the week to enjoy a power or sail boat experience to Buck Island


Enjoy one of the best destinations for snorkeling in the Caribbean

You”ll experience a guided tour of the Nation’s first underwater trails and an hour of snorkeling.
Next we will head to Turtle Beach; which is one of “The World”s Best Beaches” according to National Geographic.
Experience the natural wonder of Buck Island National Monument in pure solitude (minus the captain of course) or invite up fifteen of your loved ones to join you.

A picturesque hour long sail brings you to Buck Island or venture off to explore

It”s your choice.
With six boats to choose from Caribbean Sea Adventures offers a wide range of unique private and small group powerboat and sailing charters.
We have everything from romantic getaways to catered wedding services for 145 guests.

No matter what you are looking for on the waters of St

Croix, we have it for you.


No trip to St.

Croix is complete without a trip to beautiful Buck Island

the first underwater national park.
Spend the day or a half-day on this uninhabited island.
Known for its fabulous snorkeling, exclusivity and breathe taking views.
National Geographic said Buck Island is, “One of the world”s best beaches.” Surrounded by aqua waters and extensive coral reefs.
You don”t want to miss this experience.
Our team will help you select a trip that is right for you or design a private tour that meets your needs.
All of our Captains are fully licensed by the U.

Coast Guard with a combined 127 years of experience at Buck Island

Allowing you to experience the best with The Best from the paradise we call home.
Smooth Recovery is the newest addition to our fleet with twin 300 HP outboards getting to and from Buck Island has never been more fun, or stylish.
Reserved exclusively for private charters for up-to twelve guests.
Read More Even non swimmers would be able to enjoy this once in a lifetime experience.
Can”t wait to come back again!.
My friend and I had never snorkeled before and they went above and beyond to make sure we were comfortable.
CSA”s crew was great.
Took their time with us, very friendly.
Would recommend them to anyone.
Great company.

We took the 1/2 day trip to Buck Island

It is a must.
The water is amazing and snorkeling was great.
As Recommended By.
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iconic image to represents the city, you would be hard pressed to find a Savannahian that would not choose photographer Jack Leigh’s 1993 image titled “Midnight.” Leigh’s… Click here to read more about so where is the bird girl.
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The Best of the Chilean Heartland

MenuChile Travel Guide .

Photo Courtesy of Paula Porto why you should visit Chile now

Chile extends like a backbone down the southwest Pacific coast of South America

a chiseled line of mountains and volcanoes clinging to the edge of the continent.
The fantastical geography, nearly 2,600 miles from north to south (that’s the same distance as Boston to Los Angeles ) covers over thirty latitudes and a myriad of climates ranging from deserts to glacial fields, temperate rain forests, Alpine terrain, and Mediterranean heartland.

Read More What to know before you go to Chile When’s the best time to go to to Chile?

With its many latitudes, Chile is a year-round destination .
Warm temps peak during the South America n summer, November to March, but spring and fall are also delightful with minimal rainfall and sunny days.
Winter is the “rainy” season, with the Andes gleaming in fresh snow and ski resorts in full gear.
In central Chile, from La Serena down through Santiago to Concepción, a mild, Mediterranean climate offers four marked seasons.
The northern desert has sun-filled days and cold nights—colder with altitude.
Be aware of the “Bolivian Winter” in the far north, which produces sporadic rainfall December to February—sometimes washing out roads.
In the south, Patagonia is best visited October to April.
In the far-flung areas near the national park Torres del Paine, the windiest months tend to be December-February, when you can easily experience four seasons in a day and wind gusts of over 60 miles per hour.

Read More How to get around Chile

All travelers flying into Chile land at Santiago’s modern airport, Arturo Merino Benitez (SCL).
Along with Santiago-based LAN airlines, most major airlines from the United States fly nonstop to Santiago from hubs like Miami, Dallas, Atlanta, New York, and Los Angeles.
United Airlines provides nonstop service from Houston starting December 7, 2014.
Given that Chile is a country of unimaginably long distance s (it’s over 2,600 miles from Arica in the north to Punta Arenas in the south), flying is by far the quickest and easiest way to go, allowing travelers to potentially cover the north and south in one trip.
While LAN has a monopoly on the local market, Sky Airlines offers competitive, less expensive fares, often better schedules, and new Airbuses to many of the same destinations .
Long-distance buses are comfortable for inter-regional trips over shorter distances, and fare classes range from cama (bed) to ejecutivo, offering more legroom.
Once at your destination, you can rent a car or book a local taxi.
Road rules and signage differ from the U.
S., but in most areas roads are well paved, with the exception of parts of Patagonia.

Read More Food and Drink to try in Chile

Stretching over 30 degrees in latitude from north to south, Chile boasts a wide range of seasonal produce, seafood, cheeses, and breads.
In the heartland, produce is similar to California, with markets full of flavorful fruits and vegetables from small producers.

Fish and seafood are also central to the Chilean diet

and where little marisquerias are clustered around the wharves, you can savor a huge range of dishes—freshly-made ceviche, machas a la parmesana (razor clams baked with Parmesan), or the iconic caldillo de congrio, a Chilean bouillabaisse.

Chileans are also tremendous carnivores and devour meat in asados

barbecues that are weekend events, or in steak houses known as parrilladas.
Traditional food is rustic, with summertime dishes like humitas (corn-basil tamales).

Pastel de choclo (Chilean corn pie)

beef empanadas, and wintertime soups and stews.
Santiago and Valparaiso have become culinary hot spots.
Read More Culture in Chile.
From outstanding scenery to picturesque villages and dramatic wildlife, there’s so much to experience: the vibrant cultural scene in cosmopolitan Santiago, Parque Torres del Paine in Patagonia, the wooden churches on the island of Chiloé, the colorful port of Valparaiso (a UNESCO World Heritage site), the stunning altiplanic lagoons in northern Chile, the flowering desert in spring, Easter Island and its Moai, and, of course, winetasting in the central valley.
In autumn, the grape harvest takes over in the central, wine-producing region of the country, and wine festivals are organized by each of the dozen-odd valleys to celebrate the fruit of the vine.
At Easter, the traditional Cuasimodo festival, dating back to colonial times, still takes place in the countryside, where a priest brings the Holy Communion to the sick, escorted by costumed horsemen.
In mid-June, in the northern Tarapaca region in the small town of La Tirana, dancers and musicians enact La Diablada, the “dance of the devil.” This carnavalesque event features scary masks and elaborate costumes as dancers move to the rhythm of drums and flutes.
The 18th and 19th of September marks the National Holidays, .

A near weeklong celebration of Chilean cuisine and roots

Early spring is celebrated in open-air fondas that serve up classic dishes, empanadas, grape cider, and red wine, while locals try their hand at cueca, the national dance.

Read More Local travel tips for Chile

Chile may be as far south of the equator as Sydney or Capetown, but its time differs little from that of the Eastern United States.
During the U.
summer, Chile is on EST time; and during the U.
winter, Chile is two hours ahead for daylight savings.
In the past, the exact calendar change has varied.
If planning a trip in April or September, be sure to double check.
Chile is a very developed country with a good infrastructure and a high standard of living. Tourism is a fairly recent phenomenon and travelers are seen as honored guests.
Tell a Chilean how much you like his country to immediately break the ice; you’ll be rewarded with all sorts of useful information.

Read More Best Places to Stay in Chile

The best hotels in Chile provide guests with a unique sense of place.
Palacio Astoreca blends in with the colorful mansi [.
] Where to Eat and Drink in Santiago.
We have resorted to using a knife and fork to locate the best of Santiago’s food scene—from markets to ice cream parlors [.
] Shopping Santiago.
Best of the Coast: Valparaíso & Casablanca Valley.
The Best of the Chilean Heartland.
Mars on earth: chile’s atacama desert.
Wild, Pristine Chilean Patagonia.
The Lake District.
Mythic Chiloé Archipelago.
Easter Island & Juan Fernandez Archipelago.
The Santiago Travel Guide.
more about Chile Explore the Wildest Parts of Chile With This Pop-Up Glamping Experience These 6 Hotels Bridge the Divide Between Travelers and Locals We Planned a Trip to Chile Just for This Dish Another Total Solar Eclipse Is Coming in 2020—Here’s How to See It How to Explore Patagonia off the Beaten Track The Gin Distillery at the End of the World This Picturesque Chilean Wine Region Pairs World-Class Reds with Luxurious Digs Glacial Lakes, Ancient Forests, and Snow-Capped Volcanoes: The Ultimate Patagonia Road Trip Where to Drink Natural Wine from Chile Updated: 10/03/17 Liz Caskey Chile Local Expert Liz Caskey is partner of Liz Caskey Culinary & Wine Experiences, a boutique travel operator based in Santiago, Chile, and an American freelance food and travel writer who has called Santiago home for over 14 years.
She focuses on weaving together the region’s unique cuisine, wine, culture.

And characters in stories and pictures (with her Chilean husband

a photographer).
Follow her adventures in South America on her blog, Eat Wine, or find her on twitter @lizcaskey.
Read More.

Read More » Paradise Found – Gili Air

Category Archives: Indonesia.

Photo Friday – Sunrise over Kawah Ijen Volcano

Java, Indonesia.
Home to a back-breaking sulfur mining operation, the active Kawah Ijen Volcano in East Java was one of the highlights of our trip to Indonesia.

Read More » Photo Friday – Catching the Sun at Gili Trawangan

While we weren’t too impressed by tiny Gili Trawangan, we loved watching the gorgeous sunsets here every evening.

Read More » Drinking Civet Cat (Poop) Coffee – Kopi Luwak – Bali

In Bali, we try the world’s most expensive coffee – kopi luwak – made from coffee beans that have been digested by an Indonesian civet cat and extracted from their poop.

Read More » Dolphin Spotting and Bali’s Best Snorkeling – Lovina and Amed

Our final stops in Bali take us to the far north for Lovina’s famous dolphins and to the far East for Amed’s famous snorkeling and diving.
Read More » Paradise Found – Gili Air, Indonesia.
After a disappointing experience on neighboring Gili Trawangan, we head over to smaller, quieter Gili Air and find the island paradise we had been dreaming of… Read More » Paradise Lost – Gili Trawangan, Indonesia.
We hit this popular “paradise island” during the peak season, but find it doesn’t quite live up to the hype… Read More » The Two Sides of Bali Tourism – Kuta and Ubud, Bali, Indonesia.

We begin our Bali adventures in the party-capital

Kuta, before moving inland to the cultural and spiritual center, Ubud.

Read More » The Volcanic Sulfur Miners of Ijen Crater – East Java

Following in the footsteps of primitive miners of sulfur from the volcanic Ijen Crater in East Java, Indonesia.

Read More » Appeasing the Volcano Gods at the Yadnya Kasada Festival – Bromo

East Java, Indonesia.
Our love affair with volcanoes took us to the very alive and active Bromo Volcano in Eastern Java.
We arrived just before sunset and our guide took us to a panoramic lookout for beautiful views of the area, peppered with volcanoes.
We could peer down into the old volcanic caldera, now a sandy flat pit.

[…] Read More » The Heart of Central Java – Yogjakarta

Yogjakarta is the most popular tourist destination on the densely-populated island of Java.
And for good reason.
This small city is home to sites exemplifying Indonesia’s multicultural history, including Hindu and Buddhist temples, sultans’ palaces and playgrounds, and old colonial forts.
We left the congestion, noise, and pollution of Jakarta behind, .

Departing on an early […] Read More » Older posts

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Read More » Chinese New Year in Kuala Lumpur

Category Archives: Malaysia.
The Beautiful, Duty Free Island of Langkawi, Malaysia.

Before transiting to nearby Thailand

we make one final stop in Malaysia, at the island of Langkawi.
Read More » Chinese New Year in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.
Once again.

We find ourselves in Malaysia’s capital city

where our visit coincides with the Chinese New Year festivities.

Read More » The “Venice of the East” – Malacca

Our last stop in Malaysia before heading south to Singapore was the old colonial city of Malacca (or as it is know these days, Melaka).
Like Penang.

This city was a strategic port for Malaysia’s colonial powers

first for the Dutch and later for the British.
The meandering Melaka River snakes through the city and […] Read More » Into the Jungles of Borneo – Uncle Tan’s Jungle Camp, Lower Kinabatangan Valley, Malaysia.
We thoroughly enjoyed viewing Orangutans and Proboscis monkeys up close at a “rehabilitation centre” and “wildlife sanctuary.” Of course, the only reason these semi-wild animals can be found in these sanctuaries is due to their native habitat – the Borneo rainforest – quickly disappearing under a carpet of perfectly-planted rows of palm oil trees.
Palm […] Read More » Wild Orangutans and Proboscis Monkeys – Sepilok and Sandakan, Malaysian Borneo.
One of the most exciting aspects of our visit to Borneo was the chance to see some incredible and rare primates and monkeys in the wild.
As we’ve learned time and again in our travels, seeing animals in person and in the wild is such a precious experience that words can’t really convey.
It’s so […] Read More » Life Among the Sea Gypsies at Singamata Dive Resort – Semporna, Malaysia.
From Kota Kinabalu, we boarded a 12 hour bus crossing Sabah, bound for Semporna.
This small town near the border with the Indonesian side of Borneo is the launching point for the world famous islands and underwater adventures found in the Celebes Sea.
Most divers come here to dive Sipadan, .

A small island filled with […] Read More » Welcome to Borneo

– Kota Kinabalu, Malaysia.
Flying into Borneo, we were filled with excitement, but didn’t really know what to expect.
We landed in Kota Kinabalu, checked in at the friendly Lavendar Lodge, and had a walk around town our first night there.
We came upon a really cool restaurant known for its fresh catch.
The place looked like a pet […] Read More » Old Friends and New Foods – Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.
We left the tropical rainforest of Taman Negara bound for Malaysia’s other major (urban) jungle in the buzzing capital city of Kuala Lumpur.
This would be my second visit to KL – as it’s called by the locals – the first being some eight years before for the wedding of my good friend Rizal to […] Read More » Going Bamboo in the Jungles of Taman Negara, Malaysia.

After soaking up the life on the paradise islands of the Perhentians

we decided to check out the nearby national park of Taman Negara.

We caught a boat back to the mainland and then a bus to the small town of Kuala Tahan

which sits across the river from the park.

After searching around town […] Read More » For the Love of Turtles

– Bubbles Dive Resort, Pulau Perhentian Besar, Malaysia.
Erik tried to convince me we had seen enough of Malaysia’s Perhentian Islands after only visiting the smaller island, Kecil.
I wasn’t so sure.
Although the smaller island is rumored to be more laid back and geared for divers and backpackers, I knew how beautiful both of these islands are said to be and I […] Read More » Older posts.
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Category Archives: North America

North America.
Category Archives: North America .
A Guys Trip to Barbados.
A friend’s wedding gave my primary school friends and I an excuse to reunite for.
[Read More] Northern Virginia Wine Tasting : Quattro Goomba Winery & Cana Vineyards.
Well – this post is long overdue, .

Considering I haven’t been in Northern Virginia since

[Read More] Northern Virginia Wine Tasting : Bluemont Vineyard & Casanel Vineyard & Winery.
After what felt like months apart (3 weeks), we reunited for a weekend in the.
[Read More] Northern Virginia Wine Tasting : Winery 32 & Lost Creek Vineyard.

As soon as I knew I would be in the US for a good chunk of

[Read More].
North America.

The Best of Bratislava…in one day

Category Archives : Slovakia.
The Best of Bratislava…in one day.
If there’s one thing we truly love, it’s the challenge of squeezing an entire city .
[Read More] Tasting the Slovak National Collection of Wine.

We just spent a weekend in Bratislava and

as always, had to incorporate wine tasting.
[Read More].

Similan Liveaboards

IMPORTANT: All Amazing Lanta transfer services currently suspended due to the COVID-19 global pandemic.
You can check for transport availability .
Similan Liveaboards.
Explore Thailand’s Similan Islands, one of the world’s best dive destinations, .

On these popular and great value Similan Islands liveaboards Diva Andaman Liveaboard

SY Diva Andaman is a midrange liveaboard with 7 cabins for 14 people sailing to The Similans from December to May.
Check availability and pricing.
Read More.
The Junk Liveaboard.
The Junk Liveaboard is a budget liveaboard with 6 cabins for 18 people sailing to The Similans Islands between November and May.
Check availability and pricing.
Read More.
Dolphin Queen.
MV Dolphin Queen Liveaboard is a budget liveaboard with 8 cabins for 22 people sailing to the Similan Islands between November and May.
Check availability and pricing.
Read More.
Similan Explorer.
Similan Explorer Liveaboard is a budget liveaboard with 8 cabins for 18 people sailing to the Similan Islands between November and May.
Check availability and pricing.
Read More.
Deep Andaman Queen.
Deep Andaman Queen Liveaboard is a budget liveaboard with 9 cabins for 21 people sailing to the Similan Islands between November and May.
Check availability and pricing.
Read More.
MV Hallelujah.
MV Hallelujah Liveaboard is a budget liveaboard with 6 cabins for 18 people sailing to the Similan Islands between November and April.
Check availability and pricing.
Read More.
Last Modified: May 15, 2019.
Similan Islands Liveaboards.

We don’t use Airbnb all that much anymore when we travel

Real Talk.
Real Talk.
My last true ulcerative colitis flare up was at the end of November 2016.
That means it’s been almost 3.5 years since I had a flare up.
Now, I’ve had a few bumps along the way, but they were all short-lived and minor enough that I was able to get things back under control simply […] More.
We don’t use Airbnb all that much anymore when we travel.
Too many stories about people getting screwed over, whether it’s a filthy apartment or a full-on scam.
Too many stories of how harmful it is to locals who get priced out of their homes.
And the days of spending your vacation in someone’s cozy […] More June 17, 2019 I Don’t Really Want You to Start a Travel Blog.
6 I love blogging as a career.
It has literally changed my life in many ways.

I met my husband through blogging and Twitter

It allows me to work from almost anywhere in the world, as well as at home in my pajamas.
Earning a full income from blogging means I don’t have to work in […] More March 14, 2019 Why My Travel Budgets Won’t Match Yours.
0 I write up a travel expenses post for almost every trip I take.
Partly I do this because it’s fun for me, but mostly I’m hoping it’ll help you plan and make a budget for your own trip.
But guess what.
No two budgets will ever be the same.
What I spend on my trip […] More July 24, 2017 Solo Travel Sucks.
Do It Anyway.
solo traveltravel hasslestravel perspectives 4 I’m sitting in my hotel room in Mostar, Bosnia, wishing I was home, wishing I had just woken up from a decent night’s sleep in my own bed with Andy next to me.
Instead I’ve just spent the night by myself on a mattress that’s too firm, and I’m not looking forward to hunting for […] More July 17, 2017 The Struggle of Wanting Conflicting Things.

8 The other day I was walking around with Andy

enjoying the nice weather, when I saw an incredibly cute dog.
It was a little Yorkie, might’ve even been a puppy still, and it had a little bow, like a ponytail on its head.
It was soooo cute.
And you know what.
It made me cry.
[…] More May 22, 2017 Knowing When to Cut Your Losses.
6 A few hours after we went to bed, I woke up completely sunk into the mattress.
I could barely move to change positions.
I’m used to ending up with beds that are too firm when we travel, but this was new.
It was like memory foam gone wrong.
The bed seemed soft and cushy at […] More February 20, .

2017 5 Reasons Why Being a Digital Nomad is Not For Me

16 Being a travel blogger has put me into this alternate universe where it’s perfectly normal to work online from any corner of the world that gets internet.
Where some people choose not to have a home at all and travel from one location to the next every few days or weeks or months.
Technically I […] More 2 3 4 5 Select Category Life in Germany Making Money Online Non-Traditional People Real Talk Real Travel Budgets Travel Tips & Stories.

but the Christmas markets in Germany are so much fun

Life in Germany.
Life in Germany.
November 14, .

2019 Best Christmas Markets in Germany…and Beyond

AustriaPoland 2 I really hate cold weather.
But despite this, I love Christmas markets.
I’m not even much of a holiday person, but the Christmas markets in Germany are so much fun.
I’ve made it a point to get to a bunch of them over the years, and while there are still a few gaping holes in […] More February 4, .

2019 My IKEA-Related Identity Crisis

6 When I was in my mid 20s.

IKEA opened its first store in the southeast US in Atlanta

just a few miles from where I lived.
Even at that age, I viewed IKEA as kind of cheap.
Not rock-bottom cheap, but a still a pretty inexpensive option.
I was fine with shopping there for small […] More October 1.

2018 Berlin International Restaurant Project: Ireland

Netherlands, Japan.
4 Andy and I continue to explore different cuisines in Berlin with the Berlin International Restaurant Project.
This time I’m telling you about our experiences with an Irish pub, a Dutch burger place, and a Japanese restaurant that isn’t sushi.
More September 24.

2018 Berlin International Restaurant Project: Canada

Syria, Cameroon.
2 It seems I’ve fallen a little behind on writing about my Berlin International Restaurant Project.
So now I’m trying to catch up on all the ones I’ve been to since I wrote about Turkey and Indonesia.
The three I’m telling you about today were all street food of some variety, not traditional restaurants.
More February 26, .

2018 Berlin International Restaurant Project: Turkey and Indonesia

0 Berlin has a large Turkish population and a large number of Turkish restaurants.
But many of them are fast food style döner kebab places.
Which are great for a late night post-drinking snack, .

But not exactly the highest quality or most authentic Turkish food out there

So I held out a little longer to find […] More December 7, .

2017 Berlin International Restaurant Project: Poland and Peru

0 Poland is only an hour away from Berlin and there’s a pretty big Polish population here, .

So I didn’t think I’d have a hard time finding a Polish restaurant

On the other hand, .

I was surprised to even find a Peruvian restaurant here

Polish food in Berlin Andy and I go to Poland a lot

[…] More August 14, .

2017 Berlin International Restaurant Project: Portugal

0 Portugal is a country I just have to get back to someday.
When I was in Spain for a study abroad program in college, our group took a weekend trip to Portugal, but I honestly can’t even remember where we went.
(This was 17 years ago…) A few years ago Andy and I fell in […] More 2 3 4 5 >» Select Category Life in Germany Making Money Online Non-Traditional People Real Talk Real Travel Budgets Travel Tips & Stories.