Transnistria via Train from Odessa

Party in Transnistria.
Why yes, I did….
August 4.

2012 Since it’s Saturday night

I thought this would be a fitting time to post some information about nightlife.
And not just any nightlife, but breakaway territory… On Friendship, Bribery, and Narrowly Avoiding Deportation from Ukraine.
June 20.

2012 This week on Stop Having a Boring Life… Hello SHABL

I know, strange blog post title, but trust me – this story contains all three elements.
First… Transnistria Photo Essay on Europe & Me.
May 1, 2012 I had another photo essay on Transnistria published in the latest Europe & Me, check it out:   Europe & Me is an online lifestyle magaine… Transnistria Photo Essay on Matador Trips.
February 9, 2012 Really excited that my photo essay was finally published on Matador Trips.
Of course, it’s all iPhoneography.
In my opinion, Transnistria has never looked so good… Traveling to Tiraspol, Transnistria via Train from Odessa, Ukraine.
This post is meant to give straight up facts to anyone interested in visiting Transnistria–a unique little place situated in between Moldova and Ukraine.
I’m pretty… 69 Don’t Believe the Hype About Tiraspol, Transnistria.

This week on Stop Having a Boring Life… Hi guys

This is going to be a strange post because it’s about a strange situation so let… Leave this field empty if you’re human:.

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